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Optimise Website UX

5 Tips To Optimize Your Website’s UX

1. Simplicity above the fold line

Two of my favorite sites, when it comes to UX and clean design are John Lewis and Macy’s. You will get to whatever you want to purchase in 3-clicks or less. There is no confusion and with John Lewis you can see that everything above the fold is the cornerstone of their business – clothing, electronics and homeware. Both are also outstanding for mobile as well.  They are a masterful blend of traditional marketing concepts coupled with digital commerce. 

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Mobile Website vs App

Mobile Website vs APP

One of the questions that frequent our discussions with clients looking to update the UX and interaction for their client-base is “should we build an app” to make the user experience better and boost client retention. In 90% of the cases I have a firm answer but as this is all about producing rich blog content for you to read and enjoy, I will need to defer my thoughts for about another 600 words or so.

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