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Social Media Followers

Engaging and retaining your social media followers.

For many companies on Facebook and twitter, a common shared problem is being able to effectively engage with their following, and finding out how successful they are at it. And as most people (unless they feel as though they are being spammed or overwhelmed) will not unfollow a Facebook page or twitter account – even if they do not actually ‘follow’ the content being produced – it is hard to gauge what works and what does not.

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Social Media Advertising

Is paying for Social Media Advertising right for my company?

I think a potential stumbling block for companies and organizations which have not engaged or had much success in reaching their target market through this channel could be over emphasizing and fixating on the term “social” media as a noun. Perhaps thinking too deeply about the connotations of the title of the medium and perhaps blinding them to the potential revenue stream.

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Google Plus

Why Google+ can help improve your SEO!

This may seem very obvious but – Google+ is Google! Everything is indexed by Google and available to appear in Search which can be personalised. Not only does this make it easier to find content it makes it really easy to get your content in front of the right people as you grow.

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How To Become a LinkedIn Master!

Do you want to generate completely targeted leads without touching a telephone? Having a good LinkdIn profile can contact you directly with decision makers in companies that you ideally want to work with. It can be the most effective process of targeting your needs directly by linking with the right people. But first, you need a good profile to get the links.

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