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    Concentrate on new customers, not likes!
    Our social media marketing services offer one of the most cost effective and mass marketing tools for getting new eyes on your brand in a well-defined manner.
    “We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is... How well we do it.”
    Erik Qualman

    Author of Socialnomics

    Our social media management services will help to sell your products and get you noticed rather than get a million people liking you (although we can do that as well!).

    We love social media, we love its reach and the billions of people using it. We love its potential to grow and how you can re-market to people at a low cost. Directly advertising to them can gain you immediate results and the ability to drive traffic straight to your website. We can do all this whilst potentially granting new leads, new sales, and new email addresses for future marketing.

    We also love the fact that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get noticed to develop new or existing business, you just need to be smart with your spend.

    What’s not to love?


    From content marketing to the use of social media for direct sales

    • Help you connect with current and new customers
    • Boost your website traffic
    • Fill appointment diaries and order books
    • Build your brand
    • Build email marketing lists
    • Re-Marketing strategies
    • Special one off campaigns

    • Generate sales and leads
    • Create two way conversations
    • Content driven social media
    • Full Social Media Management
    • Diversify your PPC budget
    • Add value to your SEO strategy
    • Pinpoint and target specific demographics

    There are many reasons to invest in social media management, here’s a few of them:

    Boost your other channels: Social Media effects your website traffic, the size of your email marketing list and even your SEO.

    Advertise: as an advertising and re-marketing platform social media marketing is unbeatable. We can find your lost customers, bring you new ones and even fill your appointment and order book.

    Interact directly with your customers: as well as helping to control the message that is reaching your target market.

    Improve customer service: people want quick answers and social media can provide them.

    Tron Media
    You will love Tron Media as well! Once we take over your social media marketing, your dedicated account manager will review the requirements and goals of your business in order to plan an outstanding social media strategy; whether that means increasing the visibility of your brand, driving traffic to your website, filling your diary, building your email marketing list, or simply selling your product. Oh... and of course, reducing your stress levels along the way. That's just #theTRONway, discover more about our social media services today...
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