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Social Media Marketing Tips

There has been a change and shift in the way that brands and businesses attract and engage their target/market audiences regarding social media platforms. Social media has and will keep evolving, it feels like there will be always a new emergence of social media as we saw with Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok, now all of these social platforms are an intrinsic part of everyday culture and nearly every brand wants to try to grab a portion of these social platform users.

We saw brands try to make an impact when it comes to social media, everything from Tiktok to Snapchat and staying on top of these platforms. Social Media marketing can cover both B2B and B2C and below are some of the points you should follow to stay on top of the trends. As you may be aware when it comes to staying relevant and in times with the current topics, you need to have strategies that are driven by what is trending in the marketing, and more specifically the social media marketing trends.

TikTok is not going anywhere anytime soon

In case you weren’t aware, TikTok is most definitely the new social media typhoon, TikTok has grown exponentially in the last 2 years, and was reportedly the most downloaded app in 2020 and 2021. At this rate, it seems that it is indefinite that it will catch up to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

As the app is rich in different video content, a lot of brands are making the most of this, from companies such as Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger and Apple running ads from their company pages, or with the use of TikTok influencers. Doing paid promotion is not the only way! Some countless businesses and individuals have cultivated a following organically.

Social Media Shopping?

With apps such as Facebook and Instagram, you cannot only able to post a promotional post in various ways you are now able to tag them too. Even TikTok has hopped on the bandwagon and enabled a great purchase process with their ads.

It will be of no surprise if there is a rise in social media shopping, as these shopping tools have already been implemented to make user’s life easier, brands and companies should not let this go unutilised as you can directly tap into an audience that is now more than likely to purchase a product/Service

Shorter the video the better?

As we saw with Snapchat with the introduction of stories – a 10-second video, as this platform was the biggest and the new platform to take over a few years ago, other platforms started making their iteration of this story feature such as Facebook and Instagram. We are seeing a similar trend when it comes to TikTok, with Instagram now having reels, that some may argue are an adaption of the TikToks format.

It is been proven that video content is the most engaged and interactive type of content on social media, and rightly so! But brands and businesses should bear this in mind when it comes to promotion and brand awareness.


Now PPC is not just restricted to social media, of course, however, there is nothing like growing your audience and social media following organically and building a community from scratch, however it can be a very long and discouraging process, however with paid advertising it is very fast and an efficient way of getting your brand or product in front of your target audience. But of course, they work best when they are running hand in hand.

One great thing about Social Media is that they are different from each other, and have a different variety of content, for example, You cannot just post the same content throughout your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, as there are different image requirements and there are different content that works best on specific social media.


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