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GA4 is coming!

Introducing Analytics’ fourth generation, GA4.  

The most recent version of Google’s measurement tool, Google Analytics 4, has taken the place of Universal Analytics. On July 1, 2023, the processing of new hits using the default Universal Analytics characteristics will come to an end. So, if you still rely on Universal Analytics, they encourage you to get ready to move to Google Analytics 4. 

What is GA4 in Google Analytics?  

The future of measurement is represented by the new attribute GA4: gathers information from both the website and the app to learn more about the user experience. Instead of session-based data, it uses event-based data which consists of privacy safeguards such cookieless measurement, behavioural modelling, and conversion modelling.  


Why should I upgrade to GA4?  

Key Metrics, Like Bounce Rate & More, Will Change With GA4  

Numerous of the metrics you’re used to cannot be used because of the changing data collection model. The bounce rate is one measure whose value is evolving. A page’s bounce rate is the proportion of sessions that conclude without any interaction. 


What are the differences between GA4 and Analytics?  

Unlike GA4, which aggregates both online and app data in a single property, Universal Analytics monitor’s screen views in distinct mobile-specific properties. When comparing pageview stats across your GA4 property’s tracking of web and app data, make sure to account for the additional app traffic.  


Is Google Analytics being replaced by GA4?  

The next-generation measuring tool, Google Analytics 4, is taking the place of Universal Analytics. Standard Universal Analytics assets will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023. If you still use Universal Analytics, we advise you to get ready to switch to Google Analytics 4 in the future.  


Can I use GA4 and Universal analytics simultaneously?  

You can dual tag for your Google Analytics 4 property in one of the following methods if your Universal Analytics property is configured using gtag. js: Choose the “Enable data collection using your existing tags” option in the GA4 Setup Assistant (this option makes use of a feature called connected site tag  

Enter your Google Analytics login information 

Gear icon, bottom left navigation, click Admin 

Verify that the account you want is selected 

Verify that the desired property has been chosen 

Select the first choice in the Property column, GA4 Setup Assistant  


Why is GA4 superior to UA?  

The measuring model that they both employ is what differentiates Universal Analytics and GA4 the most. A session- and page-view-based measuring model is employed by Universal Analytics. A session is a collection of user interactions (hits) during a specific period of time with a website. GA4 focuses on Active Users, but most statistics from Universal Analytics emphasise Total Users (expressed as Users) (also shown as Users). Due to the fact that UA uses Total Users whereas GA4 utilises Active Users to calculate this metric, even though the term “Users” appears to be the same, UA and GA4 calculate it differently. 


How can I tell if a website is utilising GA4? 

If you’re unsure whether you’re using Google Analytics 4 or Universal Analytics, you can check your property ID. The initial letters of the Universal Analytics property IDs are UA and a number (UA-XXXXXXXXX-1). For Google Analytics 4, the property IDs are just numbers (XXXXXXXX). 


How was GA4 developed by Google? 

GA4 was developed to better focus on consumer privacy in response to the recent introduction of privacy laws like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 

It is quite evident from this that access to older data may be restricted as early as January 2024. You must download and save historical data somewhere other than Google Analytics in order to use it for longer-term research.  

It is much more important to configure GA4 as soon as possible to begin gathering that crucial historical data because past data cannot be migrated to GA4. It will also give you and your company some time to adjust to the less well-known reports and user interface of GA4. 

Don’t want the stress of switching?  


Then contact us here at Tron media if you need assistance making the switch from Google Analytics to GA4 

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