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White Hat SEO: What is the White hat method?

With White Hat SEO, I can’t promise that these tactics will rank your website at the top, but they should increase the amount of organic exposure and traffic it receives without the assistance of search engines. Through the number of years, I have worked in Digital Marketing, the constant changes that occur throughout the platform.

With the use of this knowledge, a complete understanding of how companies and even individuals with personal websites may benefit more from their online presence has been produced.

By following a few simple tips, you may dramatically increase your chances of ranking highly and getting the responses you desire from your target audience.

Natural Exposure: What Is It?

This is what happens when users share your website or its content is known as naturally exposed content. If you authored it correctly, make a link for every instance that your content is shared.

Right now, it matters more that people share your material than the specifics of how it was posted. This implies that you are still driving traffic to your website whether or not your content is reshared on a blog or shared on social media. Search engines start to ask themselves why your material is being shared after observing these social signs.

Gaining more attention to your website and being found are the two main goals of natural exposure.

White Hat Techniques to Boost the Social Visibility of Your Website

White Hat Techniques to Boost the Social Visibility of Your Website

  1. Social Media: Put Your Attention Towards Increasing Brand Awareness, Create A Community, and Engage And Communicate With Your Fans

Even though social media may not have a significant effect on your website’s SEO, maintaining an active social media presence offers advantages beyond SEO. Prioritising your social media fan and follower relationships over always improving your SEO friendliness should be your first priority.

This entails disseminating pertinent data and offering engaging, distinctive material that personifies your brand or captures your essence. In a similar spirit, you should discuss current advancements in the fields that you and your audience find fascinating.

But what use does that have in marketing? Maintaining interest in your brand and ensuring that your followers connect with the content you cover can help you achieve high levels of ongoing engagement and growth. In exchange for sharing your content, they will provide you with the essential backlinks to your website, which might boost your authority in the industry, increase monthly views, and draw in visitors who will stay on your site much longer.

While each of these advantages is great on its own, combined they can make your website more authority for particular search terms, improving its overall search engine rankings.

Numerous social media sites are available to you, some of which are tailored to the kind of content you share. The three main websites you should use for written content are LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

  1. Expand the Visibility of Your Content by Submitting It to Reputable Websites Worldwide

There are several ways that you can distribute and share your material. These websites typically receive a lot of traffic because they are trustworthy providers of top-notch content that provides advice, updates readers on current affairs, and provides counsel.

By submitting your work to these websites, you are effectively creating backlinks to your website, which may also help to increase the size of your audience. When it comes to content sharing, Mashable, Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon are the top four websites. Finding websites that focus on topics connected to your website is usually valuable, even though these websites can be quite helpful.

You must provide material that is entirely pertinent to your goods, services, or community in order to get the most out of these kinds of websites, but you must also try to reach as many individuals as you can. Additionally keep in mind that users first use these websites to kill time rather than perusing goods or services.

The main strategy for writing articles of this type is to steer clear of personal product endorsements and self-promotion in favour of discussing news that is pertinent to the business and emerging trends. Since the majority of the material on these websites is presented as click-bait, you must make sure that yours is too.


  1. Create Networks & Use A Blog To Achieve The Best Results

Create Networks & Use A Blog To Achieve The Best Results

Establishing a company blog has been viewed as advantageous and disadvantageous in the past. But there are, in my opinion, a few reasons why your website ought to have some sort of blog. However, black hat blogging techniques are still in use today and may do a lot of damage to your online reputation.

Checking a Website.

 One easy way to make sure one of these websites is legitimate is to use Alexa. In short, Alexa is a traffic estimator and can be a very useful tool for assessing a website’s quality. All you need to do to get site analytics from Alexa is copy and paste the website address into the search bar.

Two of the most crucial variables to look at are the website’s traffic from your country of origin and its Alexa rank—the lower the number, the better. Majestic can also be used to assess the credibility of a website. Majestic provides two important measures that are worth considering; the better the website, the higher these are. These are the Citation Flow and the Trust Flow.

It’s best to get in touch with possible partners as soon as you’ve identified them. Simply and honestly state your reasons for wanting to be included on their website, along with the frequency of your participation.

It is imperative to diligently search for and adhere to any site-specific regulations. Some might even have whole systems set up.

Making use of white hat blogging

Making use of white hat blogging

Getting your content published on credible blogging platforms and white hat sites is a challenging task.

Black hat websites are frequently selected by corporations as a last resort or simply because they are easier to manage than white hat websites due to their constant commitment to supplying only high-quality material. Getting your material on white-hat websites may be difficult at times, but you can be confident that your efforts will eventually pay off in terms of marketing and search engine optimisation.

You should have no problem locating guest post acceptance websites if you simply conduct a Google search for them.

Not all of these highly ranked websites will display your information optimally, therefore you should personally verify them and trust your own judgement when deciding where you want it to appear.

Making Use of Black Hat Blogging

Writing blog entries for websites that welcome any type of content is referred to as “black hat blogging.” These are typically distinguished from high-quality content sites by the nominal charge they charge to publish your work. Examining the last ten blog posts on these dubious websites is a wonderful additional method to identify them. They are most likely black hat sites if they are entirely filled with links to other websites.

Sometimes it’s simple to figure out a website’s purpose just by looking at its content. For example, you can tell if the blog posts don’t have a distinct topic or if they read more like sales pitches.

Press release and article distribution, Using Relevant Content To Attract Relevant Customers

Follow SEO Best Practices for Press Releases

Search engines like Google and Bing employ thousands of different factors to assess the authority and relevancy of a web page. Writing and publishing an effective press release can be difficult enough without having to take into account each of these ranking factors. Include these SEO recommended practices in your publication strategy to get a jump start.

  • Pay attention to the first 250 words. Similar to the headline, the text towards the top of the press release is most valuable to search engines. Search engines assume that the material found at the beginning of an article is the most significant when determining which search phrases are most relevant.
  • The first five to seven words of a headline are the most crucial. Search engines will favour press releases that contain words that match or are similar in intent to the first five to seven words of the headline. Try putting the most significant information near the top of the headline for maximum impact.
  • To boost search traffic, include more multimedia. Use multimedia content such as photos, videos, infographics, and other materials to make yourself more visible in image and news searches. Remember that you need to name multimedia files with relevant keywords in order to take full advantage of this benefit.
  • Perform keyword research. With the help of keyword tools like Google Trends, you can determine how often people search for terms or phrases that you might include in your press releases. If you were to choose between using those terms, “press release” would increase the relevance of your content to such searches since it is over 10 times more likely to be searched than “news release.”

Best Practices For PR/Article Distribution

Best Practices For PR Article Distribution

In my opinion, you ought to proactively search for and foster relationships with news organisations that are relevant to your industry. Up to 60% of them ought to be thrilled to share outstanding material with their audience if it doesn’t sell itself. You may only publicly promote oneself when writing a press release or article about a novel product or technology, or when you want to talk candidly about a recently completed or awarded project.

Again, you need to make sure that the PR/Article sites you have chosen are receiving the right kind of traffic. Attracting visitors is one of the main goals of a content marketing plan.

It is important to note that doing this will improve your website’s search engine rankings.

Video Content: Capture Viewers’ Interest

Video Content Capture Viewers' Interest

As they move through the conversion process, consumers are consuming content at an increasing rate, and I believe that this trend will continue. Why? First off, it’s currently believed that the average human attention span is eight seconds; by contrast, goldfish have a nine-second attention span.

In light of this, video appears to be the most effective content medium for attracting viewers. Videos have a hook that other types of material can use. They are therefore more important than ever for social media engagement and advertising as they are hard to match.

Websites that acknowledge the potential influence of videos on their clients can differentiate themselves from competitors and establish novel and inventive means of connecting with their clientele, given that up to 64% of prospective buyers will make a purchase decision subsequent to viewing a product video.

If the content in your videos is good enough, there’s a chance it can go viral and raise awareness of your company among viewers as well as possibly increase sales.


Important Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Video Content Marketing

1.Formulate A Plan For The Distribution Of Videos

If you don’t consider an effective way to distribute your film to interested parties, you run the risk of investing a lot of time and resources into creating a movie that no one will see. A robust distribution strategy should focus on a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and so forth.

2. Create a Plan for Making Videos

By ensuring that every employee in your organisation follows the same strategy, you can ensure that you do have a narrative that you can operate inside. It’s crucial to always remember the different types of video content you may create, from simple six-second GIFs to Instagram segments, animated GIFs, and lengthy, in-depth videos.

3. Employ Your Video To Tell A Story

Never forget to take your motivations into account when creating video content. If you’re merely creating something because it’s “trending,” there’s hardly much use in developing it. But if you weave your video creation into your larger business tale, you can utilise it to reinforce your overall brand and narrative.


Localising Your Business Dealings

Localising Your Business Dealings

A citation is essentially just a fancy term when it comes to a company’s listings. The initial step in this procedure is to create a verified Google Places account. As you upload your company information to numerous online directories, like as Yell, 118, and their competitors, be sure it corresponds with the information you have entered into your Google Places account. Your company’s name and address will be included in this data.

You need to be as specific as you can be with the descriptions you write for each website. One of the best ways to have your website show up in Google’s local search results for your business is to add citations to it.

This strategy has many advantages, one of which is the addition of a hyperlink to your website.

Using Visual Content To Engage An Audience: Image Distribution

These days, technology influences everything a person does, whether they are working or just relaxing. You should know that people react far more favourably to visual content. More than any other media, widely circulated photos have the power to draw in new customers.

Two key strategies for digital marketing will help you attract a wide range of potential customers to your website: picture distribution and image marketing. One can make use of a variety of photo-sharing websites, particularly social media ones that can greatly increase customer engagement.

Optimising Pages on the Web

Optimising Pages on the Web

On-page optimisation is the process of making sure the content is both pertinent and provides a good user experience. In the past, a lot of businesses would just treat it as keyword stuffing, using their terms as frequently as possible throughout the article. “Keyword stuffing” is the technique of overusing a target keyword in on-page content in an attempt to rank for that keyword. Google considers keyword stuffing to be a spam practice and specifies it in its spam policy.

This effectively stops keyword stuffing, which usually results in content that is too hard for readers to read.

Avoid using this term more than once or twice in the content itself, as well as in any other headers. Though you may be utilising less keywords in your text, you should still include them in the page’s H1, Meta Title, and Meta Description. Generally speaking, I would suggest using one keyword for every three hundred words or less; obviously, this could change based on the length of your content.

When creating or revising content, keep in mind that your keyword will probably show up in the page’s navigation and other sections.

All you have to do to locate them is search for lexical phrases that Google thinks are synonymous.

Furthermore, you can quickly locate more lexical phrases by looking up pertinent synonyms in a traditional thesaurus or on Some phrases can make your topic seem “spun” and forced, therefore you should use your judgement to determine whether or not it suits.

Spun Content: What Is It?

Spun Content What Is It

The process of manipulating someone else’s work to make it appear original is known as “content spinning,” sometimes known as “article spinning.” To make content appear original to search engine crawlers and website visitors, article spinning involves swapping out words, phrases, and sentences with alternative ones.

The original material has been changed with an algorithm that keeps the structure of the article intact and substitutes synonyms for some terms. When compared to thoroughly researched original works created by authors who are genuinely passionate about their subject area, this is usually a dishonest method that yields substantially inferior content.

Instagram Marketing for Companies

Instagram Marketing for Companies

Instagram might be the best place for you to share photos of “behind the scenes” content, depending on your business. People and potential customers will appreciate the extra individuality and relate to the sincere, personable aspect of your business—the human side.

Instagram is a really useful tool because it gives businesses the chance to engage with a worldwide audience. If you’re having trouble connecting with any demographic other than your target market, Instagram might be the best option for you.

Instagram has emerged as the primary social media platform for visual and graphic content since 2010. Over 200 million regular users visited this website in 2014, uploading their own photos, leaving comments on others’, and—most importantly—engaging with one another.

Though it may have a different format, Instagram is similar to all other social media networks in that it is intended to be used for connection and conversation. You have to make sure that you approach it similarly in terms of management in light of this. It is imperative that you persist in engaging with users on the site by responding to their questions and remarks.

A Few Concluding Remarks

By considering these simple concepts and remembering to engage with potential customers, you can create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that addresses every aspect of your business.

Keep in mind the human aspect of your business above anything else. This kind of content can generate a great deal of interaction and help develop your brand identity in the eyes of potential buyers.

These strategies have helped me in the past and they still do, but it’s imperative that you find an online marketing plan that is effective for your business. I would advise trying out a lot of different social networking platforms and a variety of different types before deciding which one is your favourite and most gratifying.

If you attempt to go outside the bounds of black, grey, or white hat SEO, you could lose your entire search engine rating. Since Google is a significant source of organic traffic for websites, getting banned from the search engine can result in a dramatic drop in website traffic and revenue.



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