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The Top Five Trending Digital Marketing Strategies Of 2019

It’s important to have a powerful, innovative Digital Marketing strategy to keep your business ahead of the opposition. But what are the best online Digital Marketing strategies, and how can you exploit them to the fullest extent in your online presence? Your digital strategy can boost your reach and returns, so follow our guidance on the five best internet marketing tips to watch in 2019.

Why Having A Digital Marketing Strategy Is Important

It almost goes without saying that effective digital marketing is essential for the modern business. With more and more consumers researching and buying online, if your products or services aren’t visible to the digital marketplace, they might as well not exist. But just why is your digital strategy so vital?

Digital marketing is the way you put your business in front of your potential customers. But what are the arguments for digital marketing over traditional forms, and how do you set your top digital marketing strategies?

  • It’s cost-effective. With a minimum spend on Facebook of just $1 per day, you can reach a wide audience at minimal cost.
  • It’s competitive. Digital marketing strategies help you to increase your reach and conversions so you can match the effectiveness of larger companies using direct mail or traditional media.
  • It’s manageable. Unlike traditional marketing techniques with hidden costs, digital marketing is controllable; with SEO, content marketing, social media, pay-per-click, and display options available to spread the budget
  • It’s measurable. With analytics, every digital marketing tactic can yield measurable results in real time, so you can tailor your campaign to best effect and achieve maximum ROI.
  • It’s targetable. SEO and PPC allow you to reach consumers who are searching for the right content and topics, so you deliver your message to the right demographic.
  • It’s relevant. Before your potential customer even finds the product or service they’re looking for, you can educate them by creating relevant and engaging content optimized for search engines.

5 Innovative Steps To A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

So Digital Marketing can help you to reach engaged consumers, both through your own website content, and through social media. But technology advances mean that the best internet marketing tips are always changing. So what are the top Digital Marketing strategies for today?

Video Marketing

Video marketing on social media is the fastest growing digital strategy, with a Hubspot survey showing that four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch video are social channels. As well as the obvious options like YouTube and Netflix, users are turning to Facebook and Instagram for video content as well, so using these is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies – in fact Nicola Mendelsohn, Facebook’s vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African operations, said “in five years, Facebook will be probably all video.”

The trouble is that although it is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies, it can be difficult to produce your own compelling video content. It’s easy enough for vloggers to talk into a webcam, but you need a strategy, as well as input from video marketing professionals. Here are some of the best internet marketing tips for creating video marketing content as part of your top digital marketing strategies:

  • Don’t oversell. Centre your content around the customer’s journey, not the sale. The best online marketing strategies appeal to their needs and desires before hitting them with a call to action.
  • Keep it short. A fifth of your viewers will click away from a video within 10 seconds. Ask questions to hook their attention immediately.
  • Don’t be boring. Have some fun, be edgy, be creative, stand out.
  • Optimise for search. Make sure your videos are found easily by tagging them.
  • Enable embedding – so you increase the likelihood of receiving inbound marketing links.

Artificial Intelligence

A survey by Salesforce indicated that 51% of marketers are already using AI, and 27% more are planning on incorporating this technology as part of their best online marketing strategies in 2019.

AI empowers marketing teams to process and act on customer data in a way that more effectively reaches the individual, by identifying all devices associated with the same person, and unifying data to track behaviours, so it can be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.

Looking forward to the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), AI will revolutionise tactics like product recommendations and predictive lead scoring, which successful marketers have been using for years. AI can provide smart social insights that allow marketers to connect and evolve messages across channels based on customer behaviour, and integrate with a CRM platform to streamline channels.

Salesforce concludes that high-performing marketers are more than twice as likely as underperformers to say that they’re currently using AI, with 72% reporting current use.

Live Video

Kathy Klotz-Guest, founder of, says that embracing live video streaming is the digital strategy to capture an audience which can be suspicious of slick corporate presentations. It can be one of the best online marketing strategies because “Streaming is not about produced video, and it’s not the place for polished webinars”. She says: “Brands are afraid of being imperfect. Ask your followers questions, listen, and then have them talk to you. People want to see who you really are.

“There is currency in that very real, human, two-way exchange. There will always be a market for produced, polished brand videos. People have questions, and they don’t want to wait until your video teams have produced the heck out of something so much that it feels overdue and over-scripted.”

Key social influencer Brian Fanzo says the top brand using live streaming today as part of its top digital marketing strategies is Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). “It features ten-minute Q&A sessions with ring girls before matches and uses streaming for behind the scenes weigh-ins. The key to its huge success is that the CEO of UFC is willing to collaborate with others and try lots of new things. You don’t have to do it alone—invite others to help expand the reach of your brand into their networks.”

Voice Search

Social media strategist Katherine Watier offers these top reasons why customers are turning to voice search, and why you should implement it in your digital marketing:

  • Humans can speak 150 words per minute vs typing 40 words per minute
  • 28 percent think voice search is a more accurate way of searching
  • 43 percent say using voice search is quicker than using a website or an app
  • 42 percent say they use voice search because they’re driving
  • 21 percent don’t like typing on their mobile phone

Customers using digital assistants like Siri and Cortana, implemented on smartphones, tablets and smart speakers, to search for a restaurant, shoe-shop or T-shirt printer may disrupt your current SEO strategy, so you need to understand these developments and incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy.

According to Campaign, voice search queries are usually longer than text searches and characterized by a question—typically three to five keywords long, and starting with who, what, when, where, why, and how. They are three times more likely to be local-based than text queries, and over 50 percent of them concern offers, sales and promotions.

According to Comscore, “50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020”, so you need to factor this increasingly popular technology into your digital marketing strategy.


Integrating AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) gives you a chatbot, a way to deal with customer enquiries in a personalised way, while retaining the cost-effectiveness of a digital solution.

Chatbots offer many potential ways to engage, retain and interact with your customers, while gathering crucial marketing data from them. So there are many ways they can become part of your top digital marketing strategy:

  • Reaching a wider audience – using chatbots through cross-platform social media means that they are always tapping into new demographics
  • Gathering and analysing customer feedback and data – chatbots soften the approach to gathering feedback by naturally introducing questions into their conversations
  • Sending personalised notifications – keeping your announcements relevant to each customer
  • Adding fun – chatbots can deliver quality information, but also make the process enjoyable for the customer
  • Guide the buying journey – chatbots help the customer navigate through to the sale

Implementing a chatbot into your marketing strategy helps you to learn about your audience, tailor your marketing efforts to your customers, reach new consumers, and monetise your social media profiles.

So, Why Have A Well-Planned Digital Marketing Strategy?

It’s no longer enough just to have a company website or social media presence; a well-planned digital marketing strategy with effective use of the latest technologies will help you to out-perform your competitors, and even bigger companies lacking digital development.

Talk to an experienced agency like Tron Media to find out about all the latest developments in digital marketing, and remember these top strategy points:

  • Digital marketing levels the playing field, putting you on an equal footing with the largest competitors
  • Digital marketing offers a higher level of conversions than conventional methods
  • Digital marketing is cost-effective for any size of business
  • Digital marketing helps you to target your audience, delivering the best ROI
  • Digital marketing caters to the fastest-growing consumer market, the mobile user
  • Digital marketing builds brand awareness, and customer feedback increases confidence
  • Digital marketing prepares your business for the Internet of Things

TRON Media can help with all your digital marketing requirements. TRON Media has a highly qualified team of trained specialists in web design, content creation, SEO, PPC, marketing, digital strategy and social media, and can work with you to develop your ideas and build a digital marketing strategy perfect for your business.

 TRON Media is a leading Digital Marketing Agency located in Brighton, offering the easiest and most cost-effective way to help you reach your audience. Get in touch today to find out about our latest digital marketing and web design services.

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