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man looking to the future

The Future is here!

So there I was watching a sci-fi film and discussing it with a friend. “This is totally crazy,” I said. “Can’t ever see that happening”, I said with a half-grin on my face. My friend retorted “you need to check out”.  So I did. Blimey! Could not believe what I was seeing. But is this all really possible? My friend really thinks it is the Trekkie that she is.

Having gone through the website which is very intuitive if I may add, it really is possible. Scary, but possible.

How we perceive the future to be might is here already. Robots taking our jobs? That has been going on for a while now, hidden in plain sight. Look at the car industry and even when you shop it’s self-service now mate! Robots!!!!!!

The gives you a more in-depth look at what the future holds for us.

I think it’s well worth a look.




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