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Social Media Case Study
Innovating the use of Social Media for booking consultations
Over the years, through working together, Tron and BMI found new and clever ways to ensure that BMI stays well ahead of the competition in their innovative use of Social Media.
We were so excited, in 2013, when BMI decided to work with Tron to increase their social media presence. BMI provided us with clear objectives to follow. Their aim was to gain brand awareness, drive people to create appointments through adverts and local campaign targeting. Could these be achieved? Of course!
Utilising Facebook’s advertising programme, we were able to create adverts to drive people to book appointments – how successful they were! BMI saw a worthwhile return on investment on appointments made using the telephone. We work hard here at Tron so prior to starting any work, we like to get to know our client more. We did in-depth research into the cosmetic surgery industry which gave us greater insights to enable us to tailor extra targets to BMI’s adverts like gender, educational status and locality so that BMI’s advert would be placed in front of the right people to gain results. We spent an extensive amount of time using Facebook’s demographic data to target each and every location of the 60 hospitals to ensure the adverts were reaching people who were in the local vicinity and most likely to be interested – This proved to be very effective!
Since starting social media for BMI, we have positively impacted the amount of appointments booked and have created a large following on social media. Our well-thought out social media strategy enabled a smooth operation of these campaigns at a high volume and frequency. Here at Tron, we pride ourselves on providing brilliant results for all of our clients!
“Tron Media have been instrumental in the development and success of our current Social Media strategy. We have been working together for the past three years to drive engagement and lead generation through a number of paid and non-paid means across all the major social channels. They’re always there ready to consult on new developments and ways of adding value to our emerging social strategy. David and the team at Tron are a pleasure to work with – I would have no hesitation in recommending their expertise!”
Ed tribe
BMI Healthcare
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