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Blogging Benefits SEO

How Blogging Benefits SEO!

Blogging gives your business a chance to have a conversation and share their values with customers which will encourage interaction, comments, and feedback. However, there is a question as to whether it actually encourages more people to come to your website. Here are a few reasons that blogging will benefit your business!

Keeping it fresh – Producing useful, reliable and up to date content will pay off. Companies who blog have found to gain 97% more links to their website than those who do not. This is also why it is important to publish fresh content regularly which will provide new pages for google to index. New content will also gain you better rankings and search engines are not stupid either – they know when plagiarism has taken place. Posting frequently with high quality and original posts will mean that your blog will improve the click through rate and the maintain readership.

Link it up – Writing blogs on your own website is a great way to boost brand awareness, increase traffic and create authority for your website. Reversely, writing blogs on another website then linking back to your blog can expand and target new audiences. Google loves external links especially ones linking to trustworthy and reliable sources. These can help increase your presence on the internet, and also have been found that 23% of top executives read blogs! Internal linking will increase the usability of your website and lower bounce rates. Another great pointer about blogging is the only thing it costs is time and there are many free platforms which can publish your content.

Keywords –
Blogging creates and extra space for you to write keywords to optimize your website.  Placing your keyword in the title of your blog this is a key signal for search engines, Meta tags such  as Meta descriptions, alt tags on your pictures and at the end of the piece will help your site.  However, overloading your blog with your keyword will backfire – Google looks for quality. Through  blogging, it has been found that business to business companies that maintain blogs have 67%  more leads per month than non-blogging-firms.



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