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Facebook Messenger Update – New innovative ways to buy & share!

Facebook have been looking for ways to up their messenger game. With the introduction of ‘bots’ earlier this year helped push the new generation of business to customer communication further than ever before. This gave companies the opportunity to deliver shipping notifications to subscribed content like traffic and weather updates. What next? Well, now Facebook are introducing their brand now Messenger Platform v1.2 which pledges to provide a ‘seamless’ experience with buying and sharing becoming easier for everyone – especially businesses.


Yes, not only can you create Facebook ads for the timeline – you can now create ads with a link to messenger, encouraging engagement. The message can be set up to contain a copy of an ad or a pre-written message. As with News feed ads, you can tailor these ads the exact same way however specific you want it to be. Also, what is great with the Messenger App Analytics is that you can download the stats via a CSV file – helping you track errors and block rates.


Focusing from a business aspect, this Facebook messenger update couldn’t come sooner. The update is set to improve engagement with the customer and encourage meaningful and strong relationships with people. One brand new feature is the ‘buy now’ button encouraging in-app purchases. Adding payment services means that it is super easy for customers to instantly buy a product without having to go to an external link or leave the app. This is only available in the US at the moment.

facebook messenger update


With all these new features, people sometimes may finds it unclear or clueless on how to start a thread with a company. In order to combat that, Facebook has added more text to the starting screen, the welcome screen will have a more detailed introduction of what the product or service is. The text can be edited by the businesses allowing more in-depth detail before the thread begins.



Customers will now be able to share your products with more ease with the introduction of a simple share button attached to the message bubble. This is good news for a business using messenger to promote their product because people can share the product or ask for opinions on the product. Another feature is that they can send/share that ‘bot’ to a friend enabling their friend to start a thread with the company, directly.

facebook messenger sharing

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