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Display and Remarketing Services
Tron Media is a leading display and remarketing services provider. Although display and remarketing is all part of our AdWords or Bing management, there are other partnered networks which we have access to and are extremely cost effective. Most keywords can be targeted for much less (CPC) from AdWords or Bing through other networks. If your customers are not spontaneous buyers, you should be thinking of the use of multiple remarketing display ads. All interest shown on any of your products or services can be tracked by us and we can serve them your ads up to them for 60 days after. This is also commonly referred to as behavioral targeting. Some of our partners in display are:

  • AdRoll
  • Criteo
  • AppNexus
  • Sitescout

Our display and remarketing services approach begins by using your website analytics to break-down the range of all visitors into channels. Each channel is then analysed and built into profiles. These profiles are based around navigation. Most platforms identify visitors by capturing cookie and every visitor to the site allows themselves to be tracked throughout their web journey, which we breakdown into the user experience.

Like every online marketing strategy, it is all about reading the data and seeing patterns or trends. Most of the networks will afford a similar ROI as PPC through AdWords or Bing Ads without the danger of bringing up the budget like with the Google display network. We also have the ability to use dynamic display which captures live product pages from your site and serving them up as display ads in relation to the keyword being searched.

Our display and remarketing services are also a highly effective way to recapture over 40% of your abandon carts in ecommerce by incentive.

As a leading display and remarketing services provider we can also offer our pay per view (PPV) strategy which targets your specific keywords and displays a bespoke landing page – this is very clever marketing and is a key method for lead generation and capturing very clean data to be used for other marketing strategies.

If this sounds like something that has been missing from your digital strategy our display and remarketing services team would like to see how we can assist you.

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