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88% Increase In Organic Traffic Year-On-Year
90% Increase In New Website Users
28% Increase In Number Of Pages Being Viewed

Content Marketing Case Study

LTC is a language teaching centre based in Eastbourne, they provide English lessons which are designed to increase ability, knowledge and understanding of the English language. LTC offer English lessons to adults and groups throughout the year as well as providing lessons to young learners throughout the summer. LTC approached TRON Media with regards to their digital marketing performance and how they can improve this...
The starting point was ensuring that we created top quality articles, created at regular intervals that we know would help LTC improve their digital marketing performance. All the articles we create for LTC are relevant to what they do but mainly the information within the article s trustworthy and verifiable. We frequently use different blog posts such as Question-based blog posts which an excellent way of are bringing in a relevant audience to a website, by answering questions related to the product/service you offer. By answering users questions via blog posts, we can attract a relevant audience to the website, a proportion of which will hopefully go on to explore your services further. We wanted to ensure that each keyword we used within an article improved LTC’s SEO rankings and performance. With a selection of people of all ages and across the world to target we need to ensure that our content is reaching the correct individuals who want to gain more of an understanding of the English language. We plan what subjects we feel is relevant to the English Language and what keywords we can target to reach this large audience.
The graphs highlight LTC’s performance and what we have achieved since working with them. We have improved LTC’s ranking for keywords and they are now gaining a larger number of clicks on their website which they didn’t receive before. LTC have received an impressive increase in traffic to the site from the articles we create for them.
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“LTC Eastbourne have enjoyed an incredibly successful year in partnership with TRON Media. They have been working remarkably hard behind the scenes on our SEO and have also used an understanding and a personality in creating our blog posts, which have been very well received.

As an international language school, our partners and customers are from across the globe. We have seen genuine results, which I believe is due to the engaging and thought-provoking content published by TRON Media.”

Dominic Barrow Marketing Coordinator, LTC



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