Why Tron Media
Why Tron Media

We have dedicated staff

Our PPC staff just do PPC

Our SEO staff just do SEO

Our designers are just that designers


We are experts and professional

We are a Google Adverts Certified Partner

We are a Bing accredited professional company


We are pro-active

Working with you for the best possible solutions

We deliver real results for you


You can count on us

You need a partner you can trust

We earn that trust thorough working hard for you

We have been providing digital marketing solutions since 2007 and now look after the interests of many organisations. We never lose sight of the fact this is a results-driven business – everything we do is geared to benefit our clients’ business.

We are dedicated and focused on our professional goals and we’re very specific about keeping in regular contact with our clients, too. We don’t expect you to know our tricks! Instead, we make sure we provide weekly updates on the progress of every account with a monthly report sent. We understand the need to explain the changes we have made, the reasons for those changes and the results we expect to achieve.

The digital marketplace changes fast. We’re aware of that!

You pay for an expert in a certain field and that’s what you get, not someone that spends time on other digital services.

Choosing TRON Media, you get someone that spends each and every day working to keep you one step ahead of your competition, using the latest industry best practice – your personal account manager.

We are experts and professionals

We are a Google Adverts Certified Partner and we have an excellent relationship with our Google Agency Team, who keep us up to date with the latest developments at Google as well as in the industry at large.

We are also a Bing Accredited Professional company

Therefore, you can rest assured; we do take our responsibilities seriously under these programs.

We use the most effective tools and industry innovations to help drive new customers to you at the lowest possible cost to help ensure that you get a great return on your investment. We can help you stand out from your competitors and create your company’s exceptional and customer-friendly culture.

We work with you

We are determined to work with you for the best possible solutions –

We deliver real results for you

We know what you’re looking for (a sea of customers!) and we can help you to get their attention. We can improve how you deal with your existing customers as well as helping you to acquire new ones. We offer a personal approach at TRON Media. Our account managers will therefore get to know you and your organisation, and develop bespoke solutions that suit your business.

We also understand that your marketing has to be cost effective

You can count on us

You need a partner you can trust (both Google and Bing trust us, they made us their partner after all, why wouldn’t you?)

We understand that trust is earned (we want to show you that we care – that’s why we do not have long-term contracts, for example!)

We earn that trust thorough working hard for you and being pro-active. We know how to go the extra mile to ensure that you get the best possible solutions.

Call one of our consultants for a free report or a discussion on 0203 167 0965

Why Tron Media

Stop wasting money on AdWords

So many companies waste money on their AdWords campaigns. We will ensure that your campaigns are highly targeted, to maximise your results and reduce your costs. To understand more see Adwords Management

Increase your organic web traffic

It’s not a magic bullet, it’s hard work; it’s what we have been trained to do, and it’s what we do every day and certainly do very well. We’re truly passionate about it! See SEO Marketing for more information or call David on 0203 167 0965

B2B targeted marketing

A highly targeted approach to your B2B marketing is via LinkedIn – where we can run great advertising campaigns and also search your customers out for you and connect with them on your behalf. Call us on 0203 167 0965 for more details.