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Why AdWords Does Not Work For You

Common areas of Google waste

If you are struggling to make Google Adwords work then there are a number of reasons why this might be. Google Adwords is one step in a process and to be profitable, all parts of that process must work together in harmony.

Bidding on keywords that are too broad

Generic terms that have lots of search traffic, but are not specific enough to create sales - these will burn your budget fast and are unlikely to produce sales

Bidding on a small number of competitive, expensive keywords

This is a costly approach - better to have lots of low-cost keywords that generate the same volume of traffic between them. The more specific the keywords, the better you’ll know your customer and the easier it will be to convert them in to a sale

Ads and landing pages do not include the keywords that are being bid on

Google will charge you less if you address this issue and create individual adverts for each keyword. Your CTR will increase because more people will be attracted to your adverts.

Poor ad copy

Customers are only interested in their problem. Use copy that demonstrates that you can solve it. Do not make out you do everything, show that you specialise in their issue.

Visitors land on the home page for your site

You are making the visitor search AGAIN for what they need. The keywords you bid on already told you what they are looking for, take them to the most relevant page on your site

Not measuring results using Conversion Tracking and/or Google Analytics

If success or failure is not measured, money is wasted on the same mistakes rather than invested in the keywords and ads that make you the most money. In simple terms, if the 50% waste was spent on the 50% that worked, you would double your profit

Creating a Google AdWords campaign is just one piece of your marketing mix. You need a good marketing story, some relevant, compelling content on your landing pages, clear calls to action and a very good understanding of your (potential) customer. If you have Google Adwords cracked then open a Yahoo Search Marketing and/or an MSN Adcenter account.

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We also improve the natural listings (the left hand side of Google), called search engine optimisation (SEO) for clients. This is very important as your competition are there and not paying anything for the clicks.

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